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Think There’s No East Village Luggage Storage? Think Again.

We’re writing this post because approximately 50% of tourists who stay in the East Village and discover our Lower East Side location for luggage storage always say a variation of the same thing: “We thought there were no luggage storage or luggage lockers in the East Village! We Googled and nothing!”

We have no idea why nothing’s popping on those browsers, but let us share a PSA to anyone visiting the East Village, Chinatown, Soho or the West Village who needs luggage storage: City CoPilot is here for you.

Did we mention the 63 five-star reviews on Yelp? (That’s probably because of our novel concept to make luggage storage secure.) Or that we do concierge services like NYC airport transportation, luggage transport, and arranging NYC tours and attractions?

Don’t say we didn’t tell you!


luggage storage nyc

Not So Humble Brag: We’re The Best Luggage Storage, NYC

We have good reason to be confident about our luggage storage in NYC.

City CoPilot has served guests in downtown Manhattan since 2014, and just last month we opened a second location to serve tourists’ bag storage demand in midtown Manhattan. This means we now a sizable chunk of Manhattan, from Hell’s Kitchen all the down to Chinatown. (And we’re expanding to even more places soon! Stay tuned.)

Unlike some other places, we actually store luggage and suitcases securely and orderly, behind THE WALL (and not piled up within easy grabbing distance).

Here’s how we can back up our luggage storage swagger:

luggage storage nyc











So, um, yeah…

City CoPilot Map Malta

We <3 Malta

City CoPilot Map Malta











ICYDK, there’s a giant map of the world in our Lower East Side store and it’s definitely a conversation piece, representing the guests who visit us from all over the world. It’s one of the many reasons we love our business — the chance to meet folks from other cultures and get their take of New York City. (Humble brag: several of our team members are multi-lingual! (Somos capaces de dar instrucciones al metro en español.)

Recently, a guest arrived and stared at the map, frowning. What’s the problem, we asked? He replied: “My country is missing!” “What country? “Malta!” This would not stand. We handed the guest a Sharpie and presto: Malta was on the map.

So we use this post to pledge that should any land be omitted from any current or future maps, guests are welcome to add it. Also, we need to get to Malta ASAP. What hideous scenery, right?

Planet Ware Malta















Photo: Planet Ware

Autumn In New York City: 5 Things You Must Do

Autumn in New York isn’t just a horrible movie with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, it’s also the greatest time of year in the greatest city in the world. There’s a chill in the air. New Yorkers take deeper breaths when they step outside their front doors. Hipsters pair jorts with a flannel shirt, for warmth. The restaurants have run out of rosé. FALL IS ALMOST HERE!


Here are 5 things you should not miss in the Big Apple in October and November, unless you know, you hate fun and merriment and sweaters.

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5 Awesome Things To Do In The Lower East Side This June

It’s practically summertime in the Lower East Side, and as your neighborhood front desk, here’s what you should NOT miss in our beloved ‘hood this June:

  • Every Monday night at 10 PM: Arlene’s World Famous Live Rock and Roll Karaoke Band. Um, two words: LIVE KARAOKE. Bonus: it’s free and Mondays usually blow. Shout out the existential ennui until your voice is gone. What is there to say on Tuesdays, anyway?
  • June 7: Egg Rolls, Egg Creams & Empanadas Festival at the Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum. Um, the name sells itself. We really don’t need to expound on this any more.


  • June 14: DayLife. Get your life — your DayLIFE. This outdoor fest up and down Orchard Street offers the best in our ‘hood’s food, fashion, music, games and art. The theme is literally: “Let’s celebrate warm weather!!!” See you there. (We’ll be the ones holding up the line at the Insomnia Cookies booth.)
  • June 22: Find your holiest flannel and throw out your shampoo: SOUL ASYLUM IS PLAYING AT THE BOWERY BALLROOM. We might have played “Runaway Train” over and over and over and over on our DiscMan as youths, because feelings.


  • June 24: The Steve Nash Foundation Showdown at Sara Roosevelt Park. Ok, so it’s not a basketball game; it’s actually a soccer tournament between the NBA legend and other b-ball players versus Italy’s World Cup star, Alessandro Del Piero, and his hot-legged friends. The s***t talk will on point. (It’s also an excuse to brag that Copilot Maggie played b-ball in COLLEGE. COLLEGE, not high school.)

See you there, kweens!


GIFS: Spoon University, Giphy, Giphy

Review City CoPilot On Yelp To Get A Free Tote!


We admit it. We’re feeling a little needy. Do you like our package acceptance, luggage storage or front desk services for hosts? We need to know.

We’re giving all customers who review City Copilot on our Yelp business page OR on Google a free City Copilot tote bag. Who doesn’t love a free swag? PS, it’s cute, it’s functional, and it goes with everything.

City Copilot Tote Bag

This could be you.

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City CoPilot Year in Review!



We are closing in on the end of the year. It’s a time for reflection on 2014 and planning for 2015. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate, commiserate and contemplate. That being said, City CoPilot likes to keep it light, so we are going to stick to celebrate.

When the ball drops City CoPilot’s flagship store will have turned the lights on for just the 82nd time – 82 days doesn’t seem like a long time but when we start to reflect on Q4 of 2014 we have learned A LOT including….
  • NYC really IS a small town: New York can be a nice and safe place – further the Lower East Side is a true community – we have connected with more neighbors in the last three months at our storefront than we have the last 6 years living on Orchard street (and we go out a that’s saying A LOT)
  • Travel light: Baggage / Luggage weighs you down – when traveling through life or just a busy city it is best to do it hands free. It doesn’t matter if it is a soul crushing job or a bad relationship – we are taking a nod from one of our favorite girl power movies of the year Frozen.. to just “Let it go” – especially since it is almost January you don’t need all of that stuff – Store your bags and bikes with us!
  • Sharing is caring: Whether it is a handcart, drill or your own apartment; sharing stuff makes less clutter, saves money and connects people – so we are all for facilitating the Sharing Economy.
  • Nothing can replace people: Yes, people make mistakes and have bad days… But we would all get lonely (and mislead) if we only picked up our packages from Amazon lockers or got directions only from Google maps. It wouldn’t just be a lonely planet but sterile and impersonal. 




We’re not just celebratory but thankful for all of our customers: over 100 now! That’s more than 1 new customer a day, but who is counting? The CoPilots look forward to serving you in 2015 – whether it’s accepting a package, exchanging a key or overnighting your passport  – we are here to help!
New York City may not be your home base, or a place you see making your home, but while you are here, City CoPilot will always treat you like family so you don’t feel too far from home.
Enough of the sappiness…
Have a great holiday and keep dancing into the New Year! From the best wingmen in the City,
The Founders of CoPilot

Santacon: NO. NO. NO.

SantaCon… Here are our top 5 pro tips for surviving it.


Whether this is your first SantaCon or your last – here are the 5 things you need to know:

1.  Be Patient: You will literally have to wait. You will wait to get into the bar. You will wait at the bar. You will wait for the bathroom…well lets be honest you are not going to wait for the bathroom because after your 4th fireball rules don’t apply to you…





2. Get Wasted: The only way you will be able to stand the smell of your sweaty santa outfit (that you realize you probably have not washed that last few seasons) is to drink A LOT… But don’t drink this much




3. Stay hydrated:  We are serious – if you are going to try and drink for 12 hours without taking a nap at least squeeze in a gatorade or switch from Red Bull / Vodka to cranberry or even better some OJ – we are serious we can tell you she drank EVERYTHING but water… don’t be or make out with that girl #fail


santacon drunk


4. ProTip: Do not dress up and go to ANY bar that is refusing service to Santas/Elves/Ms. Clause types – trust me your Saturday day drinking will be much more relaxing…


1 empty-bar



5. Santacon / Holiday Update: Santa is NOT real – so if you need to buy anything online (even your santa outfit for next year) use City CoPilot. We also send out packages to make your life way easier! Sign up for our monthly unlimited package acceptance today because Santa is not real and you need to get your presents somehow.

Make your life easier with us – look what other folks are saying.



Do You Still Have Baggage from Hurricane Sandy?


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.12.42 PM

Do you remember this map?

If you lived in lower manhattan you probably can – unless you also partook in a 5-day booze induced bender because there was NOTHING else to do in Lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy – in that case you do not remember anything.

So – to be factual this is the heat map that foursquare published during Hurricane Sandy.

Yes – foursquare was very helpful in demonstrating how this disaster effected people in the city very differently. While midtown and upper Manhattan enjoyed checking-in on foursquare to their local Starbucks the rest of Manhattan was trying to find a toilet that could flush (also at their local Starbucks)…oh yeah and we couldn’t check-in anywhere because our cellphones were dead.

So why are we posting this outdated rant? Because it is still happening today – well not on such a horrible scale but check out this map (no thanks to foursquare)….


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.09.38 PM

See the similarities? I do! The only place that people are able to store luggage is north of 34th street…


If you or your guests are still lugging their bags uptown for storage – stop!

I mean really!?  We are here! Conveniently located on the Lower East Side – 5 minute walk to the J train (for people coming and going to JFK) and right by the Williamsburg Bridge for the rest of us slackers that take cabs or Uber.

Do NOT let this be YOU or your friends:

1 luggage fail


However you probably do not need us if you are friends with this guy:



Last and most importantly if you are visiting NYC and use resources like this – make sure you know about us. Our friends at and Free Tours By Foot are providing AWESOME activities in NYC – we are here to hold your luggage so you can keep your hands free to do this:



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