Top 8 AirBnB Host Tips

By now, you’ve probably heard stories from many people who are making tons of extra cash by being AirBnB hosts. Well, as a host, your primary job is obviously to provide your guests with a great place to stay. However, if you want to make sure your guests are happy and that you become one of those successful AirBnB hosts, you can go above and beyond to grow your reputation (and make even more money). Here are our top eight AirBnB host tips… 

1. Use the AirBnB algorithm to your advantage.

So, you’ve probably heard that Google has their own algorithm to rank the results you receive whenever you search for something online. But did you know that AirBnB does the exact same thing? Their algorithm determines how listings show up in search results, which can be the deciding factor in whether your listing gets seen by thousands of people or only a few.

The good news is that you can essentially “hack” the AirBnB algorithm to ensure you get more eyes on your listing, thus helping you land more potential guests. And who doesn’t want that? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • First, make sure you verify your account with AirBnB. Verified accounts let AirBnB know that you are who you say you are. They don’t want any sketchy hosts putting up listings on their website!
  • Be timely with your responses to inquiries that you receive. Even if you are declining a guest, it’s always best to respond to them instead of ignoring their message. AirBnB notices how quickly you respond to inquiries and they appreciate when hosts reply in a timely manner.
  • Provide a full description of the space you’re listing on AirBnB. Include high-quality photos and list any amenities you can provide to a potential guest. This will help you show up in searches when users are filtering results based on certain amenities.

2. Be honest in your listing.

Although it’s probably pretty obvious, it still need to be said: be honest in all of your AirBnB listings. There’s absolutely no reason to lie or exclude information in an effort to book more guests. It’ll likely come back to bite you in the end when you get a negative review from your guest. Be open and honest about the details of your space. Let people know exactly what they’re getting when they book with you.

3. Take high-quality photos of your space.

If you want to sell potential guests on the idea of staying in your AirBnB location, you need to have great photos. People want to see exactly what they’re getting when they stay at your space. They’re going to choose a listing based on how nice and welcoming it is, so make sure your photos convey that.

The first thing you should do is to clean up your space before taking any photos. (No one wants to see a messy bedroom!) Then, take some photos of all the rooms available to your guest. Try to do this with natural lighting, if possible. It looks much more inviting and bright with the sunlight shining in.

The good news is that, even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can still get high-quality photos for your listing. AirBnB actually provides free professional photography for hosts to use. So, if you find that the photos you take just aren’t turning out great, seek the help of a professional. And be sure to choose the most appealing photo as your thumbnail since that’s what people will see in search results.

4. Be flexible about pricing.

By now you’ve probably figured out that hotel rooms will have different prices based on the night. These prices fluctuate as seasons change and even when there are big events in town. You should keep this in mind when pricing your AirBnB location.

Instead of sticking to one firm price, you should be flexible. You can try using AirBnB’s Smart Pricing option and allow their stored data to determine the best price for your location on any given date. You can choose to be competitive with your pricing or keep it the lower side if you aren’t looking for those big-spender guests.

5. Leave guests with a guide to your area.

If a guest is traveling to the area for the first time, he or she probably isn’t aware of all the amazing things to do nearby. And who better to learn from than a local? To help guests have a great stay, create a guide to the area that you can provide to each guest who checks in. Provide recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and other sights to see while they are in town. They’ll appreciate the extra step you took to put this together! You can print it out and keep it in the AirBnB space or email it over a week prior to the guest’s arrival.

6. Go above and beyond for your guests.

If you really want to put a smile on the face of your guest, do a little something extra for them. Consider the age of your guest and leave them a few goodies that you think they’d like. If your guest is of legal drinking age, a bottle of wine might be greatly appreciated. Even if it turns out your guest doesn’t drink, it still shows you put in the extra effort to make their stay more comfortable. A fruit basket or having coffee on hand can also be a nice touch.

You can also stock up on toiletries such as travel-size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Having small tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes on hand is great as well. You never know when a guest might have forgotten to pack one of these things and will appreciate having them readily available. It’s simple, but an effective way to keep guests happy! Happy guests leave positive reviews.

7. Don’t panic over bad reviews.

While it’s often obvious when a bad review may be coming your way, it’s not something anyone is ever prepared to see. Instead of flipping out on a guest who left you a bad review, you should be polite and respectful in responding. Getting angry only makes the situation worse and reflects poorly on you when potential guests view your listing.

You should use negative reviews as a learning experience. While some people are just unreasonable and will leave ridiculous feedback, some of them will leave constructive criticism that you can use to be a better AirBnB host.

8. Provide a safe and secure location for the key exchange.

As a host, you need to arrange for a way to drop off the keys to your guest. You could choose to meet at a random bar or restaurant and play the key exchange around the operating hours of that business. But that sounds a little inconvenient, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better to have a key exchange location that works around your schedule? That’s exactly what we offer here at City CoPilot!

We provide a key exchange service that’s perfect for AirBnB hosts and their guests. They’re able to meet in our storefront to complete the key exchange or keys can be left in our lockbox for the guest to pick-up before or after our daily operating hours. Not only is it safe and secure, it’s just a lot more professional than leaving keys with your neighbor or anything else of the sort. Your guests will appreciate it!