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Best-Kept Secret In NYC: City CoPilot’s Luggage Storage & Concierge Services

City CoPilot‘s first storefront launched in 2014 in the Lower East Side as New York City’s first “front desk” for tourists without a hotel concierge and locals as well. They offer short-term luggage storage, 24/7 key exchange, apartment cleaning and turnover, airport transportation to all major NYC airports, as well as package acceptance for locals without a doorman.

They’ve expanded into Midtown Manhattan (located inside the Gray Line Visitor Center in Times Square), where guests can also conveniently book tours and attractions while they pick up their Airbnb key or drop off their suitcases. They will open a Brooklyn store in Williamsburg in late October.

Their 60 5-star customer reviews on Yelp don’t lie: City CoPilot is a reliable, secure place for luggage storage in midtown Manhattan, downtown New York, and soon, Brooklyn, and a nicer alternative to luggage lockers.

166 Allen St.

City Copilot Has Moved!

New location: 166 Allen St.

Big news: WE MOVED. Moving’s the most fun ever, right?

The City Copilots have relocated a whopping one block from our old place on Orchard Street to

a new location: 166 Allen Street. That’s right, we’re still your trusted neighborhood front desk in New York City with key exchange, luggage storage, and accepting package deliveries, and we’re still loyal Lower East Siders.

So come check out our new digs! And update your contacts because we have a new phone number, too: (917) 388-3064. Our hours, like the smiles on our faces when see our customers, remain the same.
166 Allen St.




























Cat pic:

Boston’s Best Valentine’s Day. New York.

Ok, Boston. We get that you have been a sports powerhouse for the last 30 years…

Patriots: 4 Superbowl championships. Celtics: 17 NBA championships. Bruins: 6 Stanley Cups. That is really impressive, but many of you Boston fans may have gone a touch overboard after the most recent Superbowl win…


You have embarrassed your significant other as a Boston fan multiple times – you remember when you added the Citgo Sign on your massive back tattoo…ugh that was a bummer #FreeSponsorship.

patriot-fan-luggage-storage-new york

Since the NBA Playoffs are months away, what can you do for your girlfriend this Valentines? Or boyfriend? But we did find a completely appropriate fan … sporting a fashionable City CoPilot flannel:


What are you Boston kids going to do to apologize for dedicating your entire fall to your love affair with Gronk? Why not plan an amazing Valentine’s day in New York City? Here’s how:

  1. Catch the YoBus and head to the Lower East Side.
  2. Stash your big bags and luggage at City CoPilot.
  3. Go to  Lucky Jacks or Hair of the Dog and make fun of all of the Jets and Giant fans.
  4. Grab some tacos at Mission Cantina or maybe something more romantic.
  5. Valentines Day? Done.

How do you like them Apples?


City CoPilot Year in Review!



We are closing in on the end of the year. It’s a time for reflection on 2014 and planning for 2015. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate, commiserate and contemplate. That being said, City CoPilot likes to keep it light, so we are going to stick to celebrate.

When the ball drops City CoPilot’s flagship store will have turned the lights on for just the 82nd time – 82 days doesn’t seem like a long time but when we start to reflect on Q4 of 2014 we have learned A LOT including….
  • NYC really IS a small town: New York can be a nice and safe place – further the Lower East Side is a true community – we have connected with more neighbors in the last three months at our storefront than we have the last 6 years living on Orchard street (and we go out a that’s saying A LOT)
  • Travel light: Baggage / Luggage weighs you down – when traveling through life or just a busy city it is best to do it hands free. It doesn’t matter if it is a soul crushing job or a bad relationship – we are taking a nod from one of our favorite girl power movies of the year Frozen.. to just “Let it go” – especially since it is almost January you don’t need all of that stuff – Store your bags and bikes with us!
  • Sharing is caring: Whether it is a handcart, drill or your own apartment; sharing stuff makes less clutter, saves money and connects people – so we are all for facilitating the Sharing Economy.
  • Nothing can replace people: Yes, people make mistakes and have bad days… But we would all get lonely (and mislead) if we only picked up our packages from Amazon lockers or got directions only from Google maps. It wouldn’t just be a lonely planet but sterile and impersonal. 




We’re not just celebratory but thankful for all of our customers: over 100 now! That’s more than 1 new customer a day, but who is counting? The CoPilots look forward to serving you in 2015 – whether it’s accepting a package, exchanging a key or overnighting your passport  – we are here to help!
New York City may not be your home base, or a place you see making your home, but while you are here, City CoPilot will always treat you like family so you don’t feel too far from home.
Enough of the sappiness…
Have a great holiday and keep dancing into the New Year! From the best wingmen in the City,
The Founders of CoPilot

Santacon: NO. NO. NO.

SantaCon… Here are our top 5 pro tips for surviving it.


Whether this is your first SantaCon or your last – here are the 5 things you need to know:

1.  Be Patient: You will literally have to wait. You will wait to get into the bar. You will wait at the bar. You will wait for the bathroom…well lets be honest you are not going to wait for the bathroom because after your 4th fireball rules don’t apply to you…





2. Get Wasted: The only way you will be able to stand the smell of your sweaty santa outfit (that you realize you probably have not washed that last few seasons) is to drink A LOT… But don’t drink this much




3. Stay hydrated:  We are serious – if you are going to try and drink for 12 hours without taking a nap at least squeeze in a gatorade or switch from Red Bull / Vodka to cranberry or even better some OJ – we are serious we can tell you she drank EVERYTHING but water… don’t be or make out with that girl #fail


santacon drunk


4. ProTip: Do not dress up and go to ANY bar that is refusing service to Santas/Elves/Ms. Clause types – trust me your Saturday day drinking will be much more relaxing…


1 empty-bar



5. Santacon / Holiday Update: Santa is NOT real – so if you need to buy anything online (even your santa outfit for next year) use City CoPilot. We also send out packages to make your life way easier! Sign up for our monthly unlimited package acceptance today because Santa is not real and you need to get your presents somehow.

Make your life easier with us – look what other folks are saying.



Do You Still Have Baggage from Hurricane Sandy?


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.12.42 PM

Do you remember this map?

If you lived in lower manhattan you probably can – unless you also partook in a 5-day booze induced bender because there was NOTHING else to do in Lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy – in that case you do not remember anything.

So – to be factual this is the heat map that foursquare published during Hurricane Sandy.

Yes – foursquare was very helpful in demonstrating how this disaster effected people in the city very differently. While midtown and upper Manhattan enjoyed checking-in on foursquare to their local Starbucks the rest of Manhattan was trying to find a toilet that could flush (also at their local Starbucks)…oh yeah and we couldn’t check-in anywhere because our cellphones were dead.

So why are we posting this outdated rant? Because it is still happening today – well not on such a horrible scale but check out this map (no thanks to foursquare)….


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.09.38 PM

See the similarities? I do! The only place that people are able to store luggage is north of 34th street…


If you or your guests are still lugging their bags uptown for storage – stop!

I mean really!?  We are here! Conveniently located on the Lower East Side – 5 minute walk to the J train (for people coming and going to JFK) and right by the Williamsburg Bridge for the rest of us slackers that take cabs or Uber.

Do NOT let this be YOU or your friends:

1 luggage fail


However you probably do not need us if you are friends with this guy:



Last and most importantly if you are visiting NYC and use resources like this – make sure you know about us. Our friends at and Free Tours By Foot are providing AWESOME activities in NYC – we are here to hold your luggage so you can keep your hands free to do this:



Cyber Monday in the City


If you live in New York City  – please continue reading – if NOT – you just don’t get it – go back to sifting through those horrible gifts that you are racking your brain on who you can buy one for. The following is why #cybermonday in NYC can be so brutal for those of us who do not have a doorman.

The missed package – after a long day at work and fighting rush hour traffic on the F train you come home to see the dreaded missed package slip on your building’s door. You pray please don’t be Apt. 2E – but – yes it is Apt. 2E – but what could it be? You didn’t order anything…did you? It makes you feel like this….


The inappropriate office package – it is tempting but do NOT order any of the things in this picture and have them sent to work. It is wrong – no matter how big the discount.



The wrong size that will NEVER be returned – you know that bonobos blazer that is just a little too tight? Not tight like european fit but – tommy boy tight? You swore it would fit so you threw out all of the return packaging. It is now neatly folded in a plastic bag from the deli in the bottom of your closest because you are sure you can give it to someone. Super psyched you got 50% off even though it will remain in your closet the remainder of your lease.

Your friend with the doorman – you know that guy that is really a douche and lives in a doorman building in Murray Hill? He said he would be happy to accept any packages for you. Wait! There is a catch – it comes with a night out in Murray Hill where you inevitably lose said package after power hour and beer pong at <insert painful Murray Hill bar here>. You will never see this package again.

The third attempt – you ordered on Monday – you swore you only missed the package the day before – and now you are staring at a third missed attempt – RETURNED TO SHIPPER sticker – game over…


You will never get this package or the shipping charges refunded.

Pro tip – All of this can be fixed – signup with City CoPilot and have them accept your packages for you! It is cheaper than a cab ride to the UPS facility on the west side and always reliable.

Never miss a package again!

The Best Day Ever in NYC? Yes – We Have IT!


Traveler Tip!

Whether it is your first or last day in New York City spend it on the Lower East Side.

Maybe you arrived early for your check-in or have a late flight out – the LES is the spot to enjoy your first or last day in NYC.

Why? Because it awesome….a short list:

  • Art – like art? You should! See some culture without having to go above 14th street – from ever evolving temporary street art (@Banksyny / @BradleyTheodore) to the revolving door of fantastic exhibits @wallplay and the @newmuseum you will not be disappointed by beautiful/intriguing work. We loved the most recent.


  • Luggage – Do you have Lots of luggage? No worries! Store it at City CoPilot located in the heart of the Lower East Side  – our customer’s say the nicest things… Safe and secure.
  • History – You are in New York – see something old that is really cool! The tenement museum offers 3 types of tours – see the building and how people lived, meet the residents (legit actors playing roles), or walk the neighborhood like people in the past did. Honestly you should do something cultural.
  • Coffee – Have some time to kill and need to do some work – Why Not? Coffee is perfect for a caffeine fix and space to work – chill music, high ceilings, local artists and solid coffee and tea selection – also wine after…or before a long day…
  • Easy Access – by car or subway. The Williamsburg Bridge is the gateway to the LES. A taxi from or to JFK and La Guardia are super convenient. Prefer the subway? Take the J TRAIN ALL THE WAY! The Essex/Delancey stop is just a 4 minute walk from luggage storage at City CoPilot.


Black Friday Fun

Black Friday… It can get HAIRY out there. If you live in the Lower East Side and are out shopping, leave your purchases securely with City Copilot (aka us) while you’re out and about! Or, if you take advantage of Cyber Monday, have your packages delivered to City Copilot— we’re your doorman.

Here are some other things you must know about Black Friday:

1. Do NOT try and go shopping in stores. Otherwise, this could happen:


2. There are better deals online!

3. Watching over a dozen college football games and waiting in line for a shot of fire ball is way better than waiting in this — and warmer — because seriously, what do you REALLY need at Macy’s?

4. Did we mention the horrendous crowds, lines, lack of deals and overall grossness of Herald Square?

To recap: do NOT go shopping — unless your mom who’s in town really wants to. Otherwise, head to your favorite local spot (or your couch), watch football, shop on your iPad and relax!

And remember, if you don’t have a doorman, sign up with the CoPilots and we’ll accept your packages. Don’t be like these people — you’re better than that!

1 post_office_line







What we are Thankful for this Thanksgiving!


1.  The new Russ & Daughters our neighbor to the south – their amazing lox and bagels are worth the wait and means extra foot traffic   for City CoPilot!
2.  FlyCleaners – our favorite on-demand cleaning service – their fly delivery guys have picked up and dropped off over 500lbs of linens for our customers!


3.  Dan the Famous Flyer Guy – for hanging over 2,000 of our flyers and being overall…entertaining


4. M Schames & Son hardware – for making over 100 copies of our customer’s keys.


5. Yelp Reviews – grateful for all of our awesome customers who took the time to write us a review on Yelp – and we would be thankful for even more reviews 😉