Black Friday Fun

Black Friday… It can get HAIRY out there. If you live in the Lower East Side and are out shopping, leave your purchases securely with City Copilot (aka us) while you’re out and about! Or, if you take advantage of Cyber Monday, have your packages delivered to City Copilot— we’re your doorman.

Here are some other things you must know about Black Friday:

1. Do NOT try and go shopping in stores. Otherwise, this could happen:


2. There are better deals online!

3. Watching over a dozen college football games and waiting in line for a shot of fire ball is way better than waiting in this — and warmer — because seriously, what do you REALLY need at Macy’s?

4. Did we mention the horrendous crowds, lines, lack of deals and overall grossness of Herald Square?

To recap: do NOT go shopping — unless your mom who’s in town really wants to. Otherwise, head to your favorite local spot (or your couch), watch football, shop on your iPad and relax!

And remember, if you don’t have a doorman, sign up with the CoPilots and we’ll accept your packages. Don’t be like these people — you’re better than that!

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