How to Get an NYC Package Delivery With No Doorman

Calling all New York City residents! We have to know… How many times have you missed a package delivery because you weren’t home? How often have you wished you had a doorman to collect your deliveries for you? It’s probably happened more often than you’d like to admit. And the truth is, it’s frustrating.

No one wants to miss an important package delivery. And there certainly isn’t anyone who wants to wait around all day for USPS, FedEx or UPS to finally arrive with their package. Instead of missing your deliveries or having them left on your doorstep, where it could potentially be stolen, you need a solution! So, do you want to know how to get packages delivered in NYC with no doorman? The solution is City CoPilot and our package acceptance service. 

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Cyber Monday Missed Package

City CoPilot Thanksgiving Hours And Cyber Monday Reminder

Cyber Monday Missed Package











City CoPilot Thanksgiving holiday store hours and updates:

  • The Lower East Side location will be open Thanksgiving Day with limited hours from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Brooklyn location will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for luggage storage and package acceptance. Lockbox key exchange will be available as usual.
  • Midtown Manhattan location will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for luggage storage and package acceptance. Lockbox key exchange will be available as usual.

Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan lockboxes will be loaded in the morning at 9:00 am and checked at 3:00 pm. If you have a last-minute reservation on Thanksgiving Day, your final chance to make it is at 3:00 pm.

And don’t forget to send your Cyber Monday purchases to City CoPilot — you don’t have to miss a FedEx, UPS or USPS delivery this holiday season! We make life without a doorman easier.

Updates To Package Acceptance Terms Of Service

First: we are so thankful for you! Ahead of Cyber Monday, we want to let you know we updated our package acceptance terms of service. Here’s the lo-down:

  • Packages per day. Monthly unlimited package subscribers are limited to

    5 packages per day. Please try to space out your deliveries if possible. We are a SMALL, dedicated team.

  • Time limits. If you haven’t picked up your package within 5 days of City CoPilot accepting it, we gotta charge $1.00 per day per package.
  • Over-size packages. We have tried to be accommodating, but any package that weighs more than 25 pounds or is larger than 2×2 cubic feet must be picked up within 24 hours. There will be a $2 fee per oversize package per day after 24 hours.
  • Perishable items. Did you order some fancy cheeses from Denmark? Yum! But head’s up: anything pershable must be retrieved from us within 2 hours of getting our e-mail notification that it arrived. We do not have refrigeration.

We wish all our CoPilots a happy, relaxing, and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours!


City CoPilot Can Accept Your Cyber Monday Purchases!

Do you smell it in the air? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us and that means one thing for most New Yorkers:

Followed by this:
missed package rage

Save yourself a missed package-induced rage stroke and unncessary worry ahead of the upcoming shopping season: give yourself our unlimited package acceptance service for just $15 a month!

You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that expensive gift for you mom is safely stored at our 166 Allen Street storefront, not sitting in your lobby with a “Steal me!” sign on it, or worse, languishing on North Brother Island with Garol.

Sign up today!


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166 Allen St.

City Copilot Has Moved!

New location: 166 Allen St.

Big news: WE MOVED. Moving’s the most fun ever, right?

The City Copilots have relocated a whopping one block from our old place on Orchard Street to

a new location: 166 Allen Street. That’s right, we’re still your trusted neighborhood front desk in New York City with key exchange, luggage storage, and accepting package deliveries, and we’re still loyal Lower East Siders.

So come check out our new digs! And update your contacts because we have a new phone number, too: (917) 388-3064. Our hours, like the smiles on our faces when see our customers, remain the same.
166 Allen St.




























Cat pic:

City CoPilot Year in Review!



We are closing in on the end of the year. It’s a time for reflection on 2014 and planning for 2015. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate, commiserate and contemplate. That being said, City CoPilot likes to keep it light, so we are going to stick to celebrate.

When the ball drops City CoPilot’s flagship store will have turned the lights on for just the 82nd time – 82 days doesn’t seem like a long time but when we start to reflect on Q4 of 2014 we have learned A LOT including….
  • NYC really IS a small town: New York can be a nice and safe place – further the Lower East Side is a true community – we have connected with more neighbors in the last three months at our storefront than we have the last 6 years living on Orchard street (and we go out a that’s saying A LOT)
  • Travel light: Baggage / Luggage weighs you down – when traveling through life or just a busy city it is best to do it hands free. It doesn’t matter if it is a soul crushing job or a bad relationship – we are taking a nod from one of our favorite girl power movies of the year Frozen.. to just “Let it go” – especially since it is almost January you don’t need all of that stuff – Store your bags and bikes with us!
  • Sharing is caring: Whether it is a handcart, drill or your own apartment; sharing stuff makes less clutter, saves money and connects people – so we are all for facilitating the Sharing Economy.
  • Nothing can replace people: Yes, people make mistakes and have bad days… But we would all get lonely (and mislead) if we only picked up our packages from Amazon lockers or got directions only from Google maps. It wouldn’t just be a lonely planet but sterile and impersonal. 




We’re not just celebratory but thankful for all of our customers: over 100 now! That’s more than 1 new customer a day, but who is counting? The CoPilots look forward to serving you in 2015 – whether it’s accepting a package, exchanging a key or overnighting your passport  – we are here to help!
New York City may not be your home base, or a place you see making your home, but while you are here, City CoPilot will always treat you like family so you don’t feel too far from home.
Enough of the sappiness…
Have a great holiday and keep dancing into the New Year! From the best wingmen in the City,
The Founders of CoPilot

Santacon: NO. NO. NO.

SantaCon… Here are our top 5 pro tips for surviving it.


Whether this is your first SantaCon or your last – here are the 5 things you need to know:

1.  Be Patient: You will literally have to wait. You will wait to get into the bar. You will wait at the bar. You will wait for the bathroom…well lets be honest you are not going to wait for the bathroom because after your 4th fireball rules don’t apply to you…





2. Get Wasted: The only way you will be able to stand the smell of your sweaty santa outfit (that you realize you probably have not washed that last few seasons) is to drink A LOT… But don’t drink this much




3. Stay hydrated:  We are serious – if you are going to try and drink for 12 hours without taking a nap at least squeeze in a gatorade or switch from Red Bull / Vodka to cranberry or even better some OJ – we are serious we can tell you she drank EVERYTHING but water… don’t be or make out with that girl #fail


santacon drunk


4. ProTip: Do not dress up and go to ANY bar that is refusing service to Santas/Elves/Ms. Clause types – trust me your Saturday day drinking will be much more relaxing…


1 empty-bar



5. Santacon / Holiday Update: Santa is NOT real – so if you need to buy anything online (even your santa outfit for next year) use City CoPilot. We also send out packages to make your life way easier! Sign up for our monthly unlimited package acceptance today because Santa is not real and you need to get your presents somehow.

Make your life easier with us – look what other folks are saying.



Cyber Monday in the City


If you live in New York City  – please continue reading – if NOT – you just don’t get it – go back to sifting through those horrible gifts that you are racking your brain on who you can buy one for. The following is why #cybermonday in NYC can be so brutal for those of us who do not have a doorman.

The missed package – after a long day at work and fighting rush hour traffic on the F train you come home to see the dreaded missed package slip on your building’s door. You pray please don’t be Apt. 2E – but – yes it is Apt. 2E – but what could it be? You didn’t order anything…did you? It makes you feel like this….


The inappropriate office package – it is tempting but do NOT order any of the things in this picture and have them sent to work. It is wrong – no matter how big the discount.



The wrong size that will NEVER be returned – you know that bonobos blazer that is just a little too tight? Not tight like european fit but – tommy boy tight? You swore it would fit so you threw out all of the return packaging. It is now neatly folded in a plastic bag from the deli in the bottom of your closest because you are sure you can give it to someone. Super psyched you got 50% off even though it will remain in your closet the remainder of your lease.

Your friend with the doorman – you know that guy that is really a douche and lives in a doorman building in Murray Hill? He said he would be happy to accept any packages for you. Wait! There is a catch – it comes with a night out in Murray Hill where you inevitably lose said package after power hour and beer pong at <insert painful Murray Hill bar here>. You will never see this package again.

The third attempt – you ordered on Monday – you swore you only missed the package the day before – and now you are staring at a third missed attempt – RETURNED TO SHIPPER sticker – game over…


You will never get this package or the shipping charges refunded.

Pro tip – All of this can be fixed – signup with City CoPilot and have them accept your packages for you! It is cheaper than a cab ride to the UPS facility on the west side and always reliable.

Never miss a package again!