6 Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Business Trip

Traveling for business can be pretty fun. There’s the excitement of going somewhere different and new experiences. And of course, there’s the fact that you’ll get out of the same old office you’re used to going to every day. However, what’s not so great about traveling? Packing.

It’s safe to say that packing luggage can often feel pretty overwhelming and stressful. What in the world should you bring with you? How many outfits will you need and do you need to be prepared for specific events? Do you need more than one pair of shoes? And how exactly is all of this going to fit into one suitcase?

Instead of going into panic mode, we’re sharing a few packing tips for your upcoming business trip. With this advice, you’ll be sure to bring everything you need and you’ll be able to pack with as little stress as possible.

1. Don’t Procrastinate on Packing

This piece of advice shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you want to eliminate the panic and frustration that can sometimes come along with packing luggage, don’t leave it until the last minute. The morning of your trip (or even the night before) is not the ideal time to start planning outfits and packing a suitcase. It will more than likely lead to you forgetting something important.

Instead, give yourself plenty of time to pack. The smart decision would be to get your bag packed a couple days ahead of time. Then, you’ll be prepared and ready to go when it’s time to head out.

2. Review the Itinerary for Your Trip

Before you even get started with packing, you should review the itinerary for your trip (should you have one). You need to know how long you’ll be gone, as this will dictate how many fresh outfits you need to bring along. Plus, you need to know if there are any specific events you’ll be attending and if those events have a certain dress code.

For instance, if you know you’ll be attending meetings, your best professional attire will be a must. If you’ll be catching up with friends in the area, you might want to pack jeans and a t-shirt for something casual. Knowing what you’ll be doing during your business trip will make packing much easier.

And if you have extra space in your luggage, it never hurts to bring a few options along with you. This way, you’ll be prepared if something gets stained or if another event comes up at the last minute.

3. Choose Smart Clothes

To keep it super quick and simple, be smart with your clothing choices. By packing wrinkle-free fabrics, you won’t have to worry about ironing or steaming. Everything will be ready-to-wear straight out of your bag. Plus, you can’t go wrong with packing neutral colors like white, black, gray, and navy. This will ensure you’re ready for anything your business trip throws at you—from formal meetings to casual dinners.

4. Invest in Nice Luggage for Travel

The final piece of advice we have for your upcoming business trip is to invest in nice luggage. If you’re still using that dingy, beat-up luggage that you first bought in high school, it’s time to let it go. Choose something that’s high-quality and will last you a lifetime. Not only does this give off a good impression to those you may be traveling with, but you’ll feel good knowing your belongings are secure. Opt for something with multi-directional wheels for ease of use, an ergonomical grip, and even a hard shell for durability. Luggage such as Mia Toro Italy is known for their high-quality, inexpensive, and comfortable business-appropriate luggage (e.g. their Industrial Texture collection).

5. Make Sure You Bring the Essentials

Toiletries, chargers, and medication, oh my! One of the reasons it’s so important to give yourself plenty of time to pack is that you don’t want to forget any of the essentials. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and discovering that you’ve forgotten something important like medication you take every day, deodorant, or your laptop charger. (No one wants to have to purchase a new phone charger at the last minute!)

Get a bag to house all of your favorite toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and deodorant. And if you’re not into hotel shampoo and conditioner, put some of your favorites into travel-sized bottles to bring along.

And of course, don’t forget to grab any chargers you might need. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll want your smartphone charger, laptop charger, and perhaps a charger for that smartwatch of yours. When not in use, keep these things in your suitcase so you don’t accidentally leave them behind in your hotel.

6. Pack Any Must-Have Items or Valuables in Your Carry-On

Let’s say that you have a very important presentation to give on your upcoming business trip. You spent hours preparing a gorgeous slideshow to go along with this presentation. You decide to put your laptop in a bag that you check at the airport. But when you arrive at your destination, your luggage is nowhere to be found! Your suitcase, along with the laptop housing your presentation, are gone. Don’t be afraid… But it does happen.

If there’s anything important that you absolutely need for your trip, put it in your carry-on. You won’t have to worry about losing something crucial should your luggage disappear. The same goes for any valuables. By keeping all of your must-have items with you, you have less to worry about.

And, if you’re truly afraid of losing your luggage in transit, consider shipping it.

6 Tips For Traveling Stress-Free

For most people, the act of traveling is stressful even just thinking about it. That’s because there are so many unknown variables that could go awry. Forgetting essential items, plane delays, losing something… All of these small stresses add up and lead to anxiety.

You vacation should be relaxing, not cause you to hyperventilate! To help you keep stress to a minimum when traveling, we’re sharing our top six tips below…

1. Get organized.

One of the main reasons you get stressed when traveling is because there is so much to think about. From packing to getting to the airport on time, your mind is constantly racing, trying to make sure everything is complete. The easiest way to relieve travel-related stress is to keep yourself organize. Here are a few simple tips…

  • Make a travel itinerary so you know everything that needs to be done and where you need to be at all times. This will take some of the pressure off of remembering every little detail.
  • Don’t just throw all your stuff into a bag and call it packing. Keep your items organized in your luggage or backpack so if or when you need to grab something important (for example, your passport) you aren’t rummaging through everything and panicking while you try to find it.
  • While we’re talking about packing, you should create a packing list and keep it in your bag. This not only helps you remember everything you need to pack for your trip but it also ensures that you don’t leave anything behind.

2. Store your luggage.

The absolute last thing you want to worry about when traveling is carrying around your luggage. It can be bulky, get in the way, and (worse) it could get forgotten or stolen. If you’ve arrived at your destination but can’t check in yet, leave your bags with City CoPilot. It will give you one less thing to think about while you enjoy your time away!

3. Be secure.

We’ve all heard horror stories of people getting their luggage stolen or losing their passports while on vacation. To keep yourself anxiety-free, you’ll want to avoid these types of situations at all costs. The only way to do that is by staying secure. To precautions to lock up or hide valuables, keep your passport on you at all times, and definitely get travel insurance. Yes, it may be a bit more work and money but it will give you peace of mind as you travel.

4. Understand things will go wrong.

This might sound a little counterintuitive to the whole theme of this blog post but we’re being realists here. Things might go wrong and that is okay. As long as you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect against a worst case scenario, you’re going to be fine. Here’s a “worst case” example, let’s say you lose your passport. If you have a copy of it hidden away in your luggage or a picture of it on your phone, you can go to a local US embassy to get a temporary one.

5. Get enough sleep and stay energized.

Traveling tired is a surefire way to make mistakes. You need your brain to be working correctly. Obviously, the first step is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is key. However, if for some reason you’re unable to get enough sleep, you may need to rely on coffee or even brain optimizing supplements to keep you focused.

6. Relax a little.

Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. It is what you make of it. Regardless of whether you’re going on a business trip or vacation, you can still have fun and enjoy yourself. To keep your mind from worrying, pack some things to entertain you during the down times—books, movies, and games will all get the job done.

tompkins square park

Experience New York’s East Village Like A Local

Whether it’s your first or last day visiting New York City, you should not miss the avenues of Alphabet City in the East Village.

The story of the East Village is history and a mixing of cultures. (RIP, CBGB.) The legacy of the riots in Tompkins Square Park the 1980s gave way to the peaceful protests against racism and xenophobia of late. And the neighborhood’s vast multicultural influences make it the place for good food and drinks. Here’s all the must-see East Village spots to eat, drink, and shop like a local.

Mr. Throwback. You can spend hours in the popular 1990s-era retro store that sells sports apparel, sneakers, video games, and toys. Need a gift? Start here.
Crif Dogs. An East Village original, the hot dog shop serves custom mouth watering dogs that you will not find anywhere else.
Tokio 7. One of New York’s larger upscale consignment shops, you can find second-hand designer and vintage clothing, shoes & accessories. It’s the perfect spot to find that one-of-a-kind vintage Ramones tee.
Minca. Hands down the best Ramen in New York City. Take our word for it.
Death and Company. This is not a funeral home. It is one of the Village’s most iconic speakeasys. The bartenders, dressed in bow ties and suspenders, mix a variety of specialty cocktails. Get there early — there’s always a line.
National Ukrainian Home. Also called Ukrainian East Village, this tucked away restaurant doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside you’ll find the most delicious pierogi and the coldest vodka in town. It’s been in the neighborhood for over 50 years.
Sunny and Annie’s Deli. Want the best sandwich ever? Don’t judge this deli by its cover. Inside, it has the most creative twists on banh mi and the classic egg sandwich in the city. (You won’t know you like pineapple and spicy red pepper pesto together until you eat here.)

If you explore the spots on our list, don’t forget to store your luggage at our safe and secure Lower East Side location! City CoPilot is a super-short walk to the East Village and all of these amazing spots. Enjoy your last day luggage-free so you can walk, shop, drink and take in one of our favorite NYC neighborhoods.

Getting to JFK Airport

Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC

Are you planning a trip to New York City? If so, you’re likely trying to figure out what you’ll do during your stay. You might be looking into some of the great sightseeing tours or planning to head to some of the city’s most popular destinations. And if so, that’s great! However, if you’re looking for non-touristy things to do in NYC so you don’t have to fight through crowds or pay and arm and a leg, you’ve come to the right place.

To make your stay more enjoyable, we’ve rounded-up some of the best things to do in New York that won’t have you fighting a ton of tourists. So, be sure to add these things to your itinerary for your next stay in the Big Apple… 

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City CoPilot Map Malta

We <3 Malta

City CoPilot Map Malta











ICYDK, there’s a giant map of the world in our Lower East Side store and it’s definitely a conversation piece, representing the guests who visit us from all over the world. It’s one of the many reasons we love our business — the chance to meet folks from other cultures and get their take of New York City. (Humble brag: several of our team members are multi-lingual! (Somos capaces de dar instrucciones al metro en español.)

Recently, a guest arrived and stared at the map, frowning. What’s the problem, we asked? He replied: “My country is missing!” “What country? “Malta!” This would not stand. We handed the guest a Sharpie and presto: Malta was on the map.

So we use this post to pledge that should any land be omitted from any current or future maps, guests are welcome to add it. Also, we need to get to Malta ASAP. What hideous scenery, right?

Planet Ware Malta















Photo: Planet Ware

key exchange nyc

Smart Host Tips

key exchange nycWe love our community of hosts. With the recent rash of reported thefts in LA and here in NYC, um, more “x-rated” violations of trust, we want to help you be extra-careful with your hosting. We’ve pretty much seen it all. Here are a few all-too-common mistakes we’ve seen as well as tips to prevent theft, destruction, or, uh, your apartment becoming a dirty movie’s film set.

The most important tip: 

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Know Your CoPilots, Vol. 3: Meet Tristan

Tristan CCP

This is a series on the blog called “Know Your CoPilots” where we show off our knowledgable, friendly, adorable team members. Get to know the third team member featured in our series, Tristan! (And say hi to him when you stop by 166 Allen Street.)

What he loves about City CoPilot:
Seeing the convenience it brings to the neighborhood!

He’s basically a human TripAdvisor:
I’ve lived in Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, the US… and I think there might be more.

Favorite spots in New York City, currently:
I go to Pianos on Stanton and Orchard a lot. It’s like three bars in one: they have a back room with EDM, a space for bands, and a bar of course.

Pro tip for someone visiting NYC for the first time:
There’s free comedy on Monday nights at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea. You have to wait in line, but famous comedians test out material all the time. A friend of mine just saw Amy Schumer perform there.

Need A New York Fashion Week Concierge?

City CoPilot NYFW
New York Fashion Week is soon upon us and the CoPilots are ready to make your #NYFW experience easier. Whether you’re an out-of-towner or a local, our services can make it simpler and stress-free.

Full disclosure: we’re no Choupette, but as longtime New Yorkers, we’re pretty familiar with the needs and demands of the industry. Here’s what we can do for the fashion biz:

  • Secure short-term storage + delivery. We’re like a storage locker, but way more convenient and safer. Are garment bags or gift bags taking up too much room? Drop them off with us. We can also deliver them!
  • Package acceptance. Use FedEx or couriers much? Yep, we’ll sign for your stuff and store it safely until you’re ready to pick it up.
  • Key exchange. Hosting guests or lodging in someone’s place during Fashion Week? Our in-store key exchange is the best way to ensure safe and reliable key delivery, plus we can arrange cleanings and more.

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