Did You Know How Ridiculously Close We Are To The Chinatown Busses?

As your neighborhood front desk, we love sharing New York travel tips and hacks. Our new offering is extremely helpful for both locals who are leaving the city and tourists visiting NYC.

One word: Chinatown. One more word: bus. City CoPilot is literally blocks away from the inexpensive Chinatown busses that go to Boston, Washington DC, and Philly.

City CoPilot Chinatown bus

New Yorkers, hear us out: your Fung Wah leaves at 3 pm but you need to run errands before then. Drop your stuff off with us! Save your back from schlepping your bags all over town.

City CoPilot Fung Wah bus

The same goes for tourists, whether you’re arriving in NYC from another city or taking a short trip outside the city during your vacation. We’re here to safely and securely store your luggage before your Chinatown bus departs. (We charge $5 for a backpack and $10 for a suitcase.)

We’re just here to make your life easier, y’alls. ‘Swhat we do.

City CoPilot Oprah

Images: Starcrush, Built Environment BlogGiphy