Know Your CoPilots, Vol. 1: Meet Sonja!

City CoPilot Sonja

We’re launching a series on the blog called “Know Your CoPilots” where we show off our knowledgable, friendly, adorable team members. There’s no better person to kick off the series than the lady you see above: Mrs. Sonja Hunter, a CoPilot from the early aughts. Follow her on Twitter at @sokosf, Instagram at @sokohunt, and her blog, The Adventures of Mr. & Mrs., for travel fun, perfect bangs, and more. Say hi to her if you’re near the 166 Allen St. store! 

What she loves about City CoPilot:
I love hearing people’s stories about why’re visiting NYC and where they’re from.

She’s literally the Carmen Sandiego of New York (minus crime and fedora):
My husband and I have lived in seven neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Favorite coffee shop in NYC, currently:
Lula Bean in East Williamsburg.

Pro tip for someone visiting NYC for the first time:
If you’re here for three days or more, definitely get the 7-day MetroCard.