Want To List Your Space? Read These 7 Host Tips First

“All my friends want to go in on a Hamptons rental this summer but I can’t afford it. Wait, I’ll post my apartment!” are sentences we’ve heard approximately 7,000 times. Before you do, take heed.

We’ve copiloted tons of hosts. We get feedback all the time from guests on their experience in New York. We’ve hosted ourselves. We know things. We’ve seen things. Good things. Bad things. Weird things.


If youse guys — sorry, you — want to be an host more than once, these are seven things you need to know:

1. Communicate right away. Always respond promptly to inquiries. For non-English speaking guests, keep your written responses simple and clear. Include anything and everything regarding your apartment, your neighborhood, respect for neighbors — the more info the better.

2. Check in after check-in. Send a short email or text within 24 hours after your guest arrives to touch base and make sure all is going well.

3. Use a professional cleaner! Not using one is the fastest way to get horrible reviews and deal with unhappy guests. You can charge a cleaning fee to cover the cost, and use City CoPilot’s Turnover Team. The Team supplies fresh linens, towels, restocks toilet paper, shampoo, soap, paper towels — all the things guests need. Would Martha Stewart leave a half-empty roll of paper towels and a dirty countertop when Snoop drops in for the weekend? No, and neither should you.


4. Make key exchange easy. It’s one of the reasons we started this business. Don’t make key exchange a wild goose chase for your guests. Horror stories we’ve seen include: a lock box attached to a grade school fence, crying Key Cafe customers running out of a coffee shop because the barista doesn’t know or care where the key is, and broken friendships. Asking a friend to do your key exchange for you doesn’t lead to good things. And just saying: guests waiting outside the apartment with 12 pieces of luggage draw attention to your building. Sign up for our safe, secure, human, inexpensive, and seamless reservation system. Don’t let this be you on check-in day:


5. Include a folder with subway maps, guidebooks, and favorite places in your hood. It’s just a nice touch. And BTW, City CoPilot offers bus, boat and helicopter tools from our partners at City Experts, and local recommendations of our fave spots in the LES.

6. Two words: fast WiFi. Two more words: working AC. One more word: hairdryer. Crap, two more words: ironing board. Having these six in your space will make you a rockstar in the

eyes of your guest.

7. Same-day turnovers need luggage storage. You’re now a baller juggling two check-ins in a day. (If you’re juggling multiple bookings, definitely look into Guesty, a property management platform, and Beyond Pricing, which will help you set the best price.) There’s nothing worse than doing all of the right things only to have your review drop from 5-star to 2-star because angry guests have to check out at noon with no where to store their bags. Don’t make visitors shorten their trip — guide them to a daily luggage storage facility. Which are available at City CoPilot.

Blameaux! Follow our tried and true tips and you’ll be a super host in no time.


GIFs: The Perfect Pleasure, Psychedelic Weed Trip, Reddit, Mashable