Getting To JFK, LGA & Newark: 5 Struggles We Can Solve For You

You touch down in New York City. You’re pumped. There are four ways you can get to your destination:

  1. Stand in line for a taxi and pay a flat rate.
  2. Schlep your luggage in our city’s decent public transportation, then drag your suitcase from the subway or bus stop, hogging up the sidewalk.
  3. Sit stuffed between some swell folks eating tuna salad on a shuttle.
  4. A man in a Member’s Only jacket walks by you at the luggage carousel and whispers, “Sir, miss, you need a ride?”

You want to have an amazing time in the Big Apple. You may have to buy another suitcase to fit all the new stuff you bought. Then, it’s almost time to head back to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark. You don’t have Uber. You can’t afford Uber. Maybe you don’t even have an iPhone! That’s when s**t gets real.


Here are five facts about getting to NYC’s airports from Manhattan:

1. The cab or limousine ride FROM the city to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark is not a set price. Heavy traffic = the cost of your ride BLOWS UP.


2. A “Friends” reunion will happen before you find a cab to take you to the airport during rush hour.


3. Brad Pitt will guest star in a “Friends” reunion before you can get a cab to take you to the airport during the 4 p.m. taxi shift change.


4. Oh, did the cab or limousine driver tell you about the $13 toll?


5. And did you know you have to tip the drivers?


It doesn’t have to be like this. Not only will City Copilot safely and securely store your luggage while you savor your last hours in New York, we DO RELIABLE CAR SERVICE AS WELL!

We’ll arrange a car or SUV van for large groups, too. So play it safe and book your ride back to the airport with us for safe, consistent, and trustworthy transportation. (Tip included.)


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