Need A New York Fashion Week Concierge?

City CoPilot NYFW
New York Fashion Week is soon upon us and the CoPilots are ready to make your #NYFW experience easier. Whether you’re an out-of-towner or a local, our services can make it simpler and stress-free.

Full disclosure: we’re no Choupette, but as longtime New Yorkers, we’re pretty familiar with the needs and demands of the industry. Here’s what we can do for the fashion biz:

  • Secure short-term storage + delivery. We’re like a storage locker, but way more convenient and safer. Are garment bags or gift bags taking up too much room? Drop them off with us. We can also deliver them!
  • Package acceptance. Use FedEx or couriers much? Yep, we’ll sign for your stuff and store it safely until you’re ready to pick it up.
  • Key exchange. Hosting guests or lodging in someone’s place during Fashion Week? Our in-store key exchange is the best way to ensure safe and reliable key delivery, plus we can arrange cleanings and more.

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Photo/GIF: Ra Ra Superstar, Giphy