Santacon: NO. NO. NO.

SantaCon… Here are our top 5 pro tips for surviving it.


Whether this is your first SantaCon or your last – here are the 5 things you need to know:

1.  Be Patient: You will literally have to wait. You will wait to get into the bar. You will wait at the bar. You will wait for the bathroom…well lets be honest you are not going to wait for the bathroom because after your 4th fireball rules don’t apply to you…





2. Get Wasted: The only way you will be able to stand the smell of your sweaty santa outfit (that you realize you probably have not washed that last few seasons) is to drink A LOT… But don’t drink this much




3. Stay hydrated:  We are serious – if you are going to try and drink for 12 hours without taking a nap at least squeeze in a gatorade or switch from Red Bull / Vodka to cranberry or even better some OJ – we are serious we can tell you she drank EVERYTHING but water… don’t be or make out with that girl #fail


santacon drunk


4. ProTip: Do not dress up and go to ANY bar that is refusing service to Santas/Elves/Ms. Clause types – trust me your Saturday day drinking will be much more relaxing…


1 empty-bar



5. Santacon / Holiday Update: Santa is NOT real – so if you need to buy anything online (even your santa outfit for next year) use City CoPilot. We also send out packages to make your life way easier! Sign up for our monthly unlimited package acceptance today because Santa is not real and you need to get your presents somehow.

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