A Love Letter To Our Wall

We don’t want to name names, but have you seen the daily luggage storage or luggage locker facilities in New York City?


Not City Copilot.

We offer daily luggage storage because we knew we could do it better than the competition. (That and there just aren’t enough short-term luggage storage spots below 34th Street.) How do we do that? Two words:


That’s right: we have a wall to protect your precious cargo, and a lot of the competition, well, stores luggage on some shelves in full sight of street traffic, or worse, splayed out on the floor within grabbing distance. Meet… The Wall:


Note our wall has no windows, so there’s zero chance that creepers will ever see your luggage sitting there and think they have a chance to make off with it or something in it.


So for $10 per suitcase or $5 for a small bag, you buy peace of mind knowing our trusted concierge will tag your prized possessions until you’re ready to pick them up, and that they’re resting comfortably and securely… Behind the wall.


(This guy’s actually interviewing with us next week.)

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