1 Bag (daily rate)

What’s a surefire way to put a damper on your trip to New York City? Being forced to drag your luggage around the busy streets with you all day long. That’s one thing that isn’t fun for anyone traveling to the area. Having to take your bags from location to location is going to prevent you from enjoying your trip and it’s just going to put a strain on you physically. After all, carrying those heavy bags is just going to leave you feeling worn out and tired.

So, what’s a traveler to do? You can actually find a place to store your luggage for the day while you take in all that the city has to offer. One option that you might consider in this situation is the JFK airport luggage storage. The airport does provide luggage storage for those that need a place to leave their bags short-term. However, we really don’t think it’s the best option. There are other places out there that provide a better experience and even more services than the airport has to offer. One place that does this is City CoPilot!

We are the go-to concierge service for everyone visiting New York City. Our primary goal is to make your trip more enjoyable by offering luggage storage, as well as other services. If you’re wondering exactly what we can do for you, we have the full scoop! Here’s why you should choose City CoPilot over JFK airport luggage storage:

It’s easy to explore the city.

Leaving your luggage with City CoPilot is a very easy process because we aim to make everything convenient for our customers. All you have to do is stop into one of our three locations either in Times Square, the Lower East Side, or Brooklyn. You can leave your luggage with us for the day at the low price of $10 per bag. What’s even better is that you don’t need to have a reservation. Just choose the location nearest to you and drop off your things.

Choosing our luggage storage makes things so much easier because you’re free to explore and enjoy the city without the weight of heavy suitcases and bags. Plus, it eliminates the stress of worrying about misplacing any of your belongings or having a bag stolen. Instead, you can go from store to store, museum to museum and just have a great time in the city.

Our facilities are cleaner.

We pride ourselves on taking good care of our customers and also keeping each of our three storefronts well-maintained. No matter which of our locations you visit, you can count on it being brightly lit and very clean. Because we have daily operating hours, we make sure to tidy up before opening our doors for the day. This ensures our storefronts look and feel inviting to each customer who walks through our doors.

A dimly lit and dark place isn’t exactly going to give you the comfort and peace of mind you’re hoping for when choosing a place to leave your bags. And we can assure you that you’ll feel much better about leaving your things with us as opposed to the JFK airport luggage storage.

Not to mention, our customers love our storefronts and the services we provide so much, they have even made us the highest rated luggage storage in NYC on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Don’t believe us? Do a quick search online and you’ll see all of the rave review from our happy customers. If they love our facilities so much, you can be assured that you will, too.

We’ll deliver your luggage.

Here at City CoPilot, we understand that you might get too busy enjoying your time in the city. And as a result, you might not want to worry about rushing back to our storefront to pick up your bags at the end of the day. That’s why we also provide a delivery service for all the customers who leave their luggage with us. That’s something you can’t get from the JFK airport luggage storage.

We even have discounts that will save you money!

While the JFK airport luggage storage may only provide you with a place to leave your bags, City CoPilot is so much more than that. We can help you get amazing discounts you won’t be able to resist if you’re traveling to the area. If you had your heart set on doing a sightseeing tour or seeing a Broadway show, we can help you get tickets at a lower rate to keep more money in you wallet. How could you pass that up?

All you have to do is ask one of the CoPilots in the location you visit to get more information. We’ll help get you a seat for that Broadway show or secure your spot on the New York City Gray Line Sightseeing Bus Tour. After all, we’re here to ensure you have an amazing stay in the Big Apple! As your one-stop-shop for all your concierge needs, you shouldn’t expect any less. Plus, that’s one thing the JFK airport luggage storage won’t be able to help you with. Our luggage storage service can!

Want to Learn More?

Do you have questions about our luggage storage or any of the other services we provide? All you have to do is contact us! Our CoPilots are happy to answer any of the questions you may and assist you in any way possible. You can reach us via telephone at (866) 340-4399 or via email at And we look forward to seeing you at one of our three New York City locations.