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Smart Host Tips

key exchange nycWe love our community of hosts. With the recent rash of reported thefts in LA and here in NYC, um, more “x-rated” violations of trust, we want to help you be extra-careful with your hosting. We’ve pretty much seen it all. Here are a few all-too-common mistakes we’ve seen as well as tips to prevent theft, destruction, or, uh, your apartment becoming a dirty movie’s film set.

The most important tip: 

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Statue of CoPilot

Happy July 4th From Your CoPilots!

Statue of CoPilot

Lady Liberty = our spiritual CoPilot.

On the eve of the Fourth of July, we at City CoPilot find inspiration from Lady Liberty.

We hereby decree your freedom from the tyranny of inefficient, confusing cleaning and key exchange services. We grant you the right to never miss a UPS delivery through of our efficient package

acceptance. We salute the pursuit of making the most of your New York City trip with our short-term luggage storage.

We’re here to help you achieve independence from

difficulty of life in

New York City. God bless the United CoPilots of America!