Updates To Package Acceptance Terms Of Service

First: we are so thankful for you! Ahead of Cyber Monday, we want to let you know we updated our package acceptance terms of service. Here’s the lo-down:

  • Packages per day. Monthly unlimited package subscribers are limited to

    5 packages per day. Please try to space out your deliveries if possible. We are a SMALL, dedicated team.

  • Time limits. If you haven’t picked up your package within 5 days of City CoPilot accepting it, we gotta charge $1.00 per day per package.
  • Over-size packages. We have tried to be accommodating, but any package that weighs more than 25 pounds or is larger than 2×2 cubic feet must be picked up within 24 hours. There will be a $2 fee per oversize package per day after 24 hours.
  • Perishable items. Did you order some fancy cheeses from Denmark? Yum! But head’s up: anything pershable must be retrieved from us within 2 hours of getting our e-mail notification that it arrived. We do not have refrigeration.

We wish all our CoPilots a happy, relaxing, and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours!