Boston’s Best Valentine’s Day. New York.

Ok, Boston. We get that you have been a sports powerhouse for the last 30 years…

Patriots: 4 Superbowl championships. Celtics: 17 NBA championships. Bruins: 6 Stanley Cups. That is really impressive, but many of you Boston fans may have gone a touch overboard after the most recent Superbowl win…


You have embarrassed your significant other as a Boston fan multiple times – you remember when you added the Citgo Sign on your massive back tattoo…ugh that was a bummer #FreeSponsorship.

patriot-fan-luggage-storage-new york

Since the NBA Playoffs are months away, what can you do for your girlfriend this Valentines? Or boyfriend? But we did find a completely appropriate fan … sporting a fashionable City CoPilot flannel:


What are you Boston kids going to do to apologize for dedicating your entire fall to your love affair with Gronk? Why not plan an amazing Valentine’s day in New York City? Here’s how:

  1. Catch the YoBus and head to the Lower East Side.
  2. Stash your big bags and luggage at City CoPilot.
  3. Go to  Lucky Jacks or Hair of the Dog and make fun of all of the Jets and Giant fans.
  4. Grab some tacos at Mission Cantina or maybe something more romantic.
  5. Valentines Day? Done.

How do you like them Apples?