Why You Should Choose Bounce For Your Luggage Storage Needs

Are you planning your next trip to New York City? If so, you’re likely excited about all the sights and attractions you plan to take in during your stay. You may even plan to do some shopping at a store or two! While all of that is exciting and glamorous, one thing you probably aren’t planning on doing is lugging your bags all around the New York City streets. 

In fact, most travelers don’t plan on this happening, but it occurs way more than you probably think it does due to the specific check-in and checkout times at hotels and AirBnB locations. Here at City CoPilot, we often see frustrated travelers navigating the city with their luggage in tow. Not only does it put a physical strain on them as they carry these heavy bags around, but it also puts a major damper on their time here in the city. When you have all of these bags with you, there’s just no way you can truly enjoy your trip.

So, how do you avoid this hassle during your next visit? Look into places to store luggage in NYC. You may not be familiar with luggage storage, but there are options for travelers to the area that allow them to stash their bags for the day while they enjoy all the sights the city has to offer. In fact, that’s exactly what we offer here at City CoPilot by partnering with Bounce Luggage Storage! And here’s why you should choose us:

An Easy & Safe Place to Store Luggage

If you’re in need of a luggage storage service, the top priority is without a doubt safety. You want to choose a location that’s both safe and secure so you can rest easy knowing your luggage is in good hands. Odds are, a sketchy storage locker isn’t at the top of that list. Many luggage storage lockers don’t provide the sense of security our storefronts do. The facilities aren’t always well-maintained and you can’t guarantee employees will always be on-hand to assist you in many cases.

Bounce locations have daily operating hours (some 24/7!) when you can count on employees to be on staff. They’re available to greet you, assist you with your luggage, and answer any other questions you may have. Having them in stores is essential to providing the amazing customer service we are known for.

Plus, storing your luggage with us has never been easier! You can instantly make a reservation to leave your bags at one of Bounce’s 60+ stores, so if you decide at the last minute you’d like a place to stash your things, all you have to do is book through the site. We have a spot ready with your name on it!

You can leave your bags with us for the whole day and come back before closing time to collect your things. That’s all you have to do!

Affordable Prices You’ll Love

Now that you know just how easy it is to store luggage in NYC with Bounce, you’re probably wondering just how much a service like this will set you back. After all, it’s New York and you expect everything to be expensive, right? Not with us!

Because we know just how expensive traveling to the city can be, we aim to keep our prices affordable for all of our customers. So, there’s no need to break the piggy bank for extra change to pay us! Bounce’s current daily rate is just $5.90 for one bag. We guarantee you won’t find a price that good at any other luggage storage in the city.

Convenient Locations to Meet Your Needs

No matter where you are staying in New York City, one of our Bounce locations isn’t far away. We have 60+ locations throughout the city including Times Square, the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. With daily hours at each location, you can count on us to be there for you when you need us the most.

The Top Rated Luggage Storage in NYC

If you’re looking for a place to store luggage in NYC, why would you pick any place other than the best available? The answer is, you wouldn’t! Our customers have made us the highest rated luggage storage in NYC on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. All you have to do is do a quick online search and you’ll see all the rave reviews. Those happy customers aren’t lying either! We pride ourselves on delivering great service every single time.

Even More Services to Better Your Stay!

Besides just being a place to store luggage in NYC, we actually provide many other services to our customers. Those who are traveling to the area will appreciate the discounts we can help you get on some of the local tours and attractions. If you had your heart set on a sight-seeing tour during your stay, we can get you a lower rate so you can keep more cash in your pocket. (Or you can choose to spend that on some extra shopping. It’s totally up to you!) We can even help you secure tickets to that Broadway show you’ve been dying to see.

You can even have us arrange for transportation service to the airport when it’s time for you to head home. We have partnered with Airlink to provide great rates on transportation to the La Guardia, JFK, and Newark airports. Through Airlink, you can reserve a car, SUV, or a van depending on what suits your needs. You can count on them to get you to the airport safely and on time. Plus, it’s much more affordable than taking a taxi.

Want to Learn More?

Contact our team of CoPilots today to learn more about our luggage storage and the other services we provide to customers. You can reach us via usebounce.com/support