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Top 8 AirBnB Host Tips

By now, you’ve probably heard stories from many people who are making tons of extra cash by being AirBnB hosts. Well, as a host, your primary job is obviously to provide your guests with a great place to stay. However, if you want to make sure your guests are happy and that you become one of those successful AirBnB hosts, you can go above and beyond to grow your reputation (and make even more money). Here are our top eight AirBnB host tips… 

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Cyber Monday Missed Package

City CoPilot Thanksgiving Hours And Cyber Monday Reminder

Cyber Monday Missed Package











City CoPilot Thanksgiving holiday store hours and updates:

  • The Lower East Side location will be open Thanksgiving Day with limited hours from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Brooklyn location will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for luggage storage and package acceptance. Lockbox key exchange will be available as usual.
  • Midtown Manhattan location will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for luggage storage and package acceptance. Lockbox key exchange will be available as usual.

Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan lockboxes will be loaded in the morning at 9:00 am and checked at 3:00 pm. If you have a last-minute reservation on Thanksgiving Day, your final chance to make it is at 3:00 pm.

And don’t forget to send your Cyber Monday purchases to City CoPilot — you don’t have to miss a FedEx, UPS or USPS delivery this holiday season! We make life without a doorman easier.

City CoPilot Williamsburg

Yo, Williamsburg! We’re Bringing Brooklyn Luggage Storage

City CoPilot Williamsburg


We are literally the Beastie Boys song “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” right now. That’s right: City CoPilot will be rocking NYC visitors’ luggage storage and key exchange needs eight seven days a week in Williamsburg this October! (We’ll keep you posted on the exact date.)

Opening our third store at 332 Hooper Street (near Marcy Avenue and Hewes Street stops) means we’re officially bi-borough, joining our midtown Manhattan store and Lower East Side flagship. We’re beyond excited to serve hosts, guests and locals in Brooklyn. Just don’t mind us if grow handlebar mustaches and buy drop-crotch leather pants.

Stay tuned for more details on our Williamsburg store

Statue of CoPilot

Happy July 4th From Your CoPilots!

Statue of CoPilot

Lady Liberty = our spiritual CoPilot.

On the eve of the Fourth of July, we at City CoPilot find inspiration from Lady Liberty.

We hereby decree your freedom from the tyranny of inefficient, confusing cleaning and key exchange services. We grant you the right to never miss a UPS delivery through of our efficient package

acceptance. We salute the pursuit of making the most of your New York City trip with our short-term luggage storage.

We’re here to help you achieve independence from

difficulty of life in

New York City. God bless the United CoPilots of America!

Want To List Your Space? Read These 7 Host Tips First

“All my friends want to go in on a Hamptons rental this summer but I can’t afford it. Wait, I’ll post my apartment!” are sentences we’ve heard approximately 7,000 times. Before you do, take heed.

We’ve copiloted tons of hosts. We get feedback all the time from guests on their experience in New York. We’ve hosted ourselves. We know things. We’ve seen things. Good things. Bad things. Weird things.


If youse guys — sorry, you — want to be an host more than once, these are seven things you need to know:

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166 Allen St.

City Copilot Has Moved!

New location: 166 Allen St.

Big news: WE MOVED. Moving’s the most fun ever, right?

The City Copilots have relocated a whopping one block from our old place on Orchard Street to

a new location: 166 Allen Street. That’s right, we’re still your trusted neighborhood front desk in New York City with key exchange, luggage storage, and accepting package deliveries, and we’re still loyal Lower East Siders.

So come check out our new digs! And update your contacts because we have a new phone number, too: (917) 388-3064. Our hours, like the smiles on our faces when see our customers, remain the same.
166 Allen St.




























Cat pic:

City CoPilot Year in Review!



We are closing in on the end of the year. It’s a time for reflection on 2014 and planning for 2015. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate, commiserate and contemplate. That being said, City CoPilot likes to keep it light, so we are going to stick to celebrate.

When the ball drops City CoPilot’s flagship store will have turned the lights on for just the 82nd time – 82 days doesn’t seem like a long time but when we start to reflect on Q4 of 2014 we have learned A LOT including….
  • NYC really IS a small town: New York can be a nice and safe place – further the Lower East Side is a true community – we have connected with more neighbors in the last three months at our storefront than we have the last 6 years living on Orchard street (and we go out a that’s saying A LOT)
  • Travel light: Baggage / Luggage weighs you down – when traveling through life or just a busy city it is best to do it hands free. It doesn’t matter if it is a soul crushing job or a bad relationship – we are taking a nod from one of our favorite girl power movies of the year Frozen.. to just “Let it go” – especially since it is almost January you don’t need all of that stuff – Store your bags and bikes with us!
  • Sharing is caring: Whether it is a handcart, drill or your own apartment; sharing stuff makes less clutter, saves money and connects people – so we are all for facilitating the Sharing Economy.
  • Nothing can replace people: Yes, people make mistakes and have bad days… But we would all get lonely (and mislead) if we only picked up our packages from Amazon lockers or got directions only from Google maps. It wouldn’t just be a lonely planet but sterile and impersonal. 




We’re not just celebratory but thankful for all of our customers: over 100 now! That’s more than 1 new customer a day, but who is counting? The CoPilots look forward to serving you in 2015 – whether it’s accepting a package, exchanging a key or overnighting your passport  – we are here to help!
New York City may not be your home base, or a place you see making your home, but while you are here, City CoPilot will always treat you like family so you don’t feel too far from home.
Enough of the sappiness…
Have a great holiday and keep dancing into the New Year! From the best wingmen in the City,
The Founders of CoPilot