Know Your CoPilots, Vol. 2: Meet Hector!

Meet Hector

This is a series on the blog called “Know Your CoPilots” where we show off our knowledgable, friendly, adorable team members. Get to know the second team member featured in our series, Hector Rojas! (And say hi to him when you stop by 166 Allen Street.)

What he loves about City CoPilot:
I love when key exchange guests are impressed with our service. Once I hand them their keys, they always say “That’s it? Awesome!” I guess because we are a new concept they expect it to be very complicated.

¿Le gusta el fútbol? 
I’m a soccer-obsessed international college student from Mexico.

Favorite spots in New York City, currently:
Union Square and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Pro tip for someone visiting NYC for the first time:
Go to the Empire State Building Observatory after 11:00 pm and walk around like you own it. It’s open until 2:00 am every day of the year but most people have no idea.