City CoPilot Adds Luggage Pickup & Delivery Starting At $29!

luggage storage nyc

Big news. YOOOGE. City CoPilot now offers luggage pick-up and delivery — starting at just $29. The process is simple: email us to make a reservation at and we’ll get back to you ASAP. (We’ll also ship your bags, too.) 

In case you were wondering how we came up with this great idea, FINE: we’ll tell you.


We were basically sitting around one day, staring at our beloved Wall of Luggage Safety, when it occurred to us: what if visitors to New York go somewhere else in the middle of their trip? Or, what if New York is only one part of a bigger trip? What do tourists do with all their biga** bags? Who is providing this service?


NO ONE. Until now. Book ’em us.

GIFs: ATRL, Alt4